Adhesive Discs/Tabs/Seals/Labels

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Single Sided Adhesive Discs/Tabs/Seals

Sticky discs also known as adhesive tabs, seals or closure labels. We supply single-sided discs, clear and coloured, with or without perforation for a variety of applications. These self-adhesive discs are either clear, coloured or frosted. They can be used to close or seal a wide variety of promotional materials, booklets, posted mailers, online packaging, and

professional documentation. When used to seal product boxes or bags adhesive discs give a perfect finish to your packaging. They can also serve as tamper-proof seals for boxes, tins, etc.

Clear Seals

Clear Seals

Coloured Discs

Coloured Discs

Machine Tabs

Machine Tabs



  • Economical but professional finish

  • Available as plain discs with or without a central perforation for easy-opening

  • Available in permanent or peelable grades

  • Bespoke coloured and printed products available on request

  • Can be supplied with an easy-to-use dispenser box for manual application or simple application devices as shown below

  • Machine-applied tabs are also available from stock for KT tabbers and Lynx/Profold machines

  • Available from stock in 2,000, 5,000 and 20000 disc rolls

  • Next-day delivery from stock.

Stock sizes:

Stock sizes

  • 18mm diameter

  • 25mm diameter

  • 30mm diameter

  • 35mm diamete

  • 50mm diameter

  • Other sizes available upon request.

Eco Friendly Paper Discs

Eco Friendly Paper Discs

  • Fully recyclable translucent paper sticky discs.

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional clear discs.

  • FDA & ISEGA approved.

  • Plastic free.

  • Manufactured from recycled paper they are recyclable and biodegradable

  • Available with permanent adhesive in rolls of 2000, 5000 or 10000.

Tamper Evident Tabs/Labels

  • Tamper evident security labels or complete tape rolls are designed to leave a clearly visible marking when items are removed from packaging or tampered with.
  • These tabs are ideal for sensitive documents, healthcare/medical products, veterinary care, all types of packages, beauty products, warranty products, plus many more applications.
  • 3 types of labels available leaving either no message, partial message or full message on substrate.
  • Bespoke tamper evident seals can be produced to your own design – minimum order quantities apply
  • Product also available in tape form. See section on Homepage under “Tamper Evident Tapes & Labels

Dispensers for Single Sided Tabs

Dispensers for Single Sided Tabs

  • Increase productivity with an easy to use dispenser. These will dispense one disc at a time for easier and faster application.

  • Available as electrical desk-top units or manual units as shown below.

  • Ask to arrange a demonstration at your own premises.

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