Covid Supplies

Whether you making plans to reopen your workplace or making

essential PPE, we have put together a range of products you may need.

Included are some innovative solutions using VELCRO® brand products.

See our Duraframe, POS & DisplayTapes or VELCRO® Products sections for more information. 

Hand Sanitizer

  • Ready to use solution for hygienic hand sanitizing.
  • Made here in Ballybay.
  • Available as 1lt bottles & 15lt bulk drum.
  • 2-Propanol 70% V/V Alcohol based.

Hand Sanitizer Holder

  • Self-adhesive holder for bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • Simply stick to walls, doorframes etc and attach your own bottle.
  • Bottle is held securely using VELCRO® ONE-WRAP tape.
  • Easy to remove your bottle for refilling.
  • For both outdoor & indoor use.
  • Ideal for installation in work vans as well as for any internal wall space in offices, factories, warehouses, schools etc.


  • Range of cords and tapes available.
  • Variety of colours and sizes.
Due to high demand at present, priority will be given to customers buying for Covid-19 / Coronavirus related projects. Such as making face shields, visors, face masks etc.
  • Cotton herringbone or twill tape also available for gowns, scrubs etc.

VELCRO® For Floor Marking

  • Fluorescent SEW ON tape is a quick and innovative solution to marking out areas on carpeted floors.
  • Simply cut pieces of SEW ON Hook tape and press face down on the carpet. 
  • The VELCRO® hooks will bed down into the carpet to stay in place but will be easy to remove.
  • Removable and reusable without damaging the surface.
  • Ideal for marking out spots as seen on the gym floor shown.

VELCRO® For Car Protective Screens

  • Ideal solution for taxis, minibuses etc.
  • Most tapes and glues don’t adhere well to car interiors so can’t be used to attach plastic partitions to protect employees and their customers.
  • VELCRO® solvent activated adhesive tapes bond easily to car
  • Simply attach the hook tape to the ceiling, stick the corresponding loop to the plastic and secure.
  • Using VELCRO® tape means the partition can be removed and replaced as needed.

VELCRO® For Face Masks

  • Use ONE-WRAP® tape to relieve pressure and irritation of ears caused by wearing face masks.
  • Simply loop the pre-cut tie around the elastic straps and secure behind your head for all day comfort.
  • Alternatively, use ONEWRAP tape as ties when making your own masks.
  • ONE-WRAP is made up of low-profile VELCRO® Brand hook and low-profile VELCRO® Brand velour loop bonded back to back making a very slim wrap-around self gripping fastener.
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit. 
  • Reusable material for repeat usage. 
  • Wraps onto itself for a secure hold. 
  • Available in a range of widths and colours.

VELCRO® For Face Shields

  • VELCRO® Brand SEW ON tape is recommended for making face shields/visors.
  • Available in a variety of widths.

or try . . .

  • ONE-WRAP self gripping tape wraps onto itself making it a perfect solution to quickly attach and adjust face shields.
  • Comes on a roll in a variety of widths for convenient cut-to length customization.
  • Simply attach the VELCRO® tape to the plastic shield as a user friendly closure mechanism to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Foam Tape

  • Soft foam tape available to make face shields.
  • Self-adhesive for faster assembly.
  • Packs of foam pieces without adhesive available.

Double Sided Tape

  • Variety of strengths & widths
  • Secure plastic screens to counters etc.
  • Attach foam to face visors.
  • See the Double Sided Tape section for more information.

Floor Marking Tapes

  • Safe Distance 2m Tape in Yellow/Black
  • Anti-Slip Hazard Tape in Yellow/Black
  • Vinyl Lane Marking Tape
  • Barrier Tape in Red/White
  • Footprint Floor Signs - Pack of 5 pairs


The ideal solution for displaying Covid-19 Safety signs on solid and smooth surfaces.

  • Present information in a premium and professional way
  • Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame
  • Easy to attach to smooth, solid surfaces; can be removed from glass
  • Areas of application: for display and presentation of documents, e.g. room
  • identification, signage and promotional offers
  • When applied to glass, information can be read from both sides
  • Frame looks identical from both sides
  • For use in portrait and landscape formats
  • Available in sizes A6, A5, A4 and A3 and a range of colours

DURAFRAME MAGNETIC also available without adhesive for metal surfaces. Frame Holders available for any surface including metal, glass and notice boards.

Snap Frames

Aluminium snap frames in sizes A5-A0. 

Mitred or rounded corners. 

A1, A2, A3 & A4 in Silver, Black or White. 

A4 & A3 sizes also available in Red, Orange & Brown. 

Lockable, self-adhesive and magnetic versions available. 

For a clean, luxury look try our Duraframe range.

*Printed signs not included

Showcard Floor Stands

  • Plastic frame poster holders with adjustable height stand. 
  • Use to display signs, prices or promotions to customers.
  • Inexpensive method of instore promotion.
  • A4 size available in Grey, Red, Blue or Black. A3 in Grey or Red. 
  • Use our Magnetic frame holders to attach poster frames to any metal surface like shelf sides or racks.

*Printed signs not included

Freestanding Sign Holders

  • For table or counter displays.
  • L-shaped or T-shaped holders
  • From DL to A3 size.

*Printed signs not included

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