Binding Wires

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Binding Wires, Coils & Slide Binders

Finish documents your way with our different binding options. Secure documents with binding wires, plastic coils or slide binders.

Mailcraft Supplies also supply a range of binding accessories upon request.

Cut Length Binding Wires

2:1A5 – 16 Loops16mm (5/8”) – 25.4mm (1”)Black, White, Silver
2:1A4 – 23 Loops6.9mm (1/4”) – 32mm (1 1/4”)Black, White, Silver
3:1A5 – 24 Loops5.5mm (3/16”) – 16mm (5/8”)Black, White, Silver
3:1A4 – 34 Loops5.5mm (3/16”) – 16mm (5/8”)Black, White, Silver, Blue

Reel of Binding Wire

2:116mm (5/8”) – 32mm (1 1.4”)Black, White, Silver
3:16.9mm (1/4”) – 14.33mm (9/16”)Black, White, Silver, Blue, Red

Plastic Binding Coils

PVC spiral coils for durable binding of books, albums etc.
Allow documents to lay flat.
A4 size with 4:1 pitch and 48 loops
Sizes from 6mm - 31mm.
White, black & clear colours.

Slide Binders

Bind loose sheets with a strong PVC strip. 

Simple & economical solution. 

Available with filing strips, self-adhesive or magnetic backing

More Products

We supply additional binding options and accessories, see the selection below. Contact us if you can’t see the item you need.

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