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Binding Screws

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Secure sample books, menus, colour cards and albums with our range of binding screws.
Use with our wire rope connectors, ball chains or key rings. Try Viking screws to join foam boards for POS & display.

Metal Binding Screws Main

Metal Binding Screws

10mm diameter post screws in a wide vary of tube lengths from 2mm - 150mm. 

Nickel, brass, copper or black zinc-plated & stainless steel. With hammer tops or rosettes. 

Cover caps, washers, binding screw hangers and binding rails available.

Plastic Binding Screws

12mm diameter plastic screws in a wide vary of tube lengths from 3.5mm - 90mm. 

Secure, economical way to fasten. Available with centre hole to use with ball chains or binding rings. Black, white or clear.

Sample book 2
Ball Chain Main

Ball Chain

Lengths from 50mm - 1000mm with connector Available by the reel. 

Variety of colours. Use with eyelets or binding screws. 

Ideal for hanging swatch books, displays.

Binding Rings

Used for binding swatches, loose pages and displays. Easy to use hinged rings twist open. 

Nickel, brass or copper-plated & black in diameters 14mm - 76mm. Plastic rings in 14mm, 22mm & 50mm diameters. 

Double binding rings also available.

Binding Ring

More Products

We supply additional binding options and accessories, see the selection below. Contact us if you can’t see the item you need.

Viking Screws Binding Screw Rails & Binding Screw Hangers


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