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VELCRO® Brand – Specialist Products for every industry

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VELCRO® Brand – Specialist Products for every industry

As VELCRO® Brand Products are so versatile, they have many uses across a range of sectors such as industrial, construction, transport, and medical. 

Velcro Companies have developed a vast portfolio of products down through the years. It is continuously researching and innovating new solutions for all industries. Some of the specialist products are shown below but there are literally hundreds available. We supply everything from unique fasteners for the automobile industry to super soft velour for medical devices. 

As Ireland’s only “Premium” Velcro Companies distributor, we can call on Velcro Companies' engineers and specialists across the globe and get their recommendations for specific applications. So whether you need a specific product or expert advice on a particular application we can help.


PRESS-LOK® Tabs are pre-cut self-adhesive rectangular tabs which are self-engaging, so separate hook and loop is not necessary. Using two of these PRESS-LOK® tabs for a positive and secure fastening is all that is required. 

Coated with PS-32 which is a high quality, general purpose rubber adhesive with an excellent immediate tack; these tabs are suitable for use on most surfaces including paper, card, rigid plastic, glass, and metal. They are not suitable for use on PVC, vinyl or anything containing plasticizers. Uses for these tabs include point of sale, retail display, stationery, and packaging applications. The industrial rolls are 50m long with approx. 3846 tabs per roll. The tabs are 20mm x 10mm.

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Rolls for Packaging

PRESS-LOK® rolls offer superior closure in the packaging industry. Instead of needing to perfectly align zippers, PRESS-LOK® closures easily engage when the two sides are pressed together. 

Industry feedback indicates that this is a benefit to older consumers, as the technology does the work, not the user. For even further assurance, one can actually hear the hooks securing. 

Velcro Companies tests verify 100% performance even after 300 openings, which means goods are secure. All that and PRESS-LOK® tabs maintain a low profile. The discreet, transparent closure adds functionality without disturbing existing design aesthetic.

Self-Engaging Tape

VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® is a self-engaging high strength tape with interlocking mushroom shaped hooks that provide a strong, reliable and non-directional connection and closure. Simply press firmly together without the need for precise alignment or positioning. 

For use within a range of applications including bonding decorative panels, ceiling panels, semi-structural panels, plaster boards, solar panels etc. 

The self-engaging mushroom hook construction eliminates the need for a separate loop side. It offers a more rigid connection with less movement whilst maintaining the ability to remove, re-position and fasten whenever required. 

A high performance double sided acrylic foam tape with three adhesive types, see below. Supplied as a 25mm width black tape in rolls of 25m. A sew-on option is also available.