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Sample Books

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Create unique and professional sample and swatch books. See our binding products for more ideas. For long lasting swatch books enquire about our adhesives and tapes.


Range of handles available in plastic and metal. Perfect to finish sample books. 

Swatch straps work well with binding screws. See our range here 

Metal display hooks also available Add to swatch books or use to display merchandise.

Pillar Press Fasteners

4-part press fasteners with cap, socket, pillar and stud cap. Diameter 12.4mm. 

Easily open and close so samples can be changed. Available in white, black, nickel or brass plated. 

Tube lengths for 6mm to 27mm.

More Products

We supply additional swatch book components, see the selection below. Contact us if you can’t see the item you need.

Locks, Ratchet Posts & Hooks


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