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VELCRO® Brand Self-Adhesive Products 

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Velcro Premium Distributor

As Ireland’s only PREMIUM Velcro Companies Distributor, Mailcraft Supplies carry the full VELCRO® Brand range.

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Velcro Self Adhesive Close Up
  • Self-adhesive or stick-on VELCRO® Brand products are some of the best sellers.

  • Simply peel off the release liner and stick the tape. 

  • See below for the adhesive types available.

Velcro Rolls
  • VELCRO® Brand tapes are supplied in separate Hook or Loop 25m rolls. 

  • So if you need both sides a set of two rolls is required. 

  • VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Tapes are available in widths from 10mm to 150mm in a variety of colours.

Mailcraft Supplies
  • Smaller rolls are available on request. 

  • We also supply VELCRO® Brand tape in smaller pieces, cut to your required size. 

  • These can be mated (both hook and loop pieces) or individual. 

  • Check out our range of retail packs [here] for smaller amounts of VELCRO® Brand tape.

What Type of VELCRO® Brand Tape Adhesive to Choose?

Self-adhesive or stick-on VELCRO® Brand products come in a range of different adhesive backing types to best fit your application. Contact us with any questions and our expert team will be happy advise on the best solution for your product. Data sheets and samples for testing available on request.


PS14 is the standard rubber resin adhesive. 

This general purpose adhesive is suitable for the majority of applications. 

It will stick to most standard substrates. 

Not suitable for PVC, Vinyl and anything containing plasticizers. 

Temp Resistance -15°C to +90°C. 

Our most popular product, PS14 tape is used in all types of industries. 

We supply the complete range of widths from 10mm to 150mm in Black or White. 

Other colours are available.


PS18 is a high tack water based acrylic adhesive. Recommended for use on Cardboard, PVC, Vinyl and other substrates containing plasticizers and adheres well to Foamex. Not suitable for use on Polyethylene or Polypropylene. 

It has a very high temperature resistance from -20°C to +120°C. This makes it ideal for areas exposed to heat from lighting such as exhibition stands. 

PS18 has shown to be the best adhesive choice for outdoor use. Available in Black or White in widths 10mm to 150mm.


PS15 is a fire retardant adhesive with excellent tack. This is a flame retardant tape based on a rubber block copolymer. Recommended for use on Polyethylene and Polypropylene, Bonds to most common substrates but not suitable for PVC, Vinyl and anything containing plasticizers. 

Temp Resistance is -15°C to +60°C. Used frequently in the aviation industry. Tested for flammability according to Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853 and MVSS302. Certificates of Compliance available. 

Available in Black or White in widths 10mm to 150mm

PS51 & PS52 Heavy Duty

PS51 & PS52 HEAVY DUTY are extremely strong rubber based resin adhesives. It should be used where heavy items need to be bonded. Suitable for use on most surfaces except for PVC, Vinyl and anything containing plasticizers. Performs well on uneven or rough surfaces. 

With extra strength ULTRA-MATE® Brand plastic hook fastening it has high peel strength. Ideal for heavier items and for a more secure fastening. Supplied as 50mm width rolls in Black or White.