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VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Tape

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Sew-on tape offers convenient, long-lasting closures for clothing, accessories and a range of industrial applications. Hand or machine stitch around edge of the tape and backstitch to secure. Easy to sew and easy to fasten for a secure hold. An adjustable alternative to snaps, buttons, zippers, hooks & eyes. 

Perfect for apparel, drapery ties, clothing customization, athletic gear customization, soft electronics cases, pet accessories and medical devices. These Sew-on hook and loop fasteners can be cut to fit and come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.

VELCRO® Brand Standard Sew-On Tape

A Polyamide fastener that can be opened and closed with only a 50% loss after 10,000 cycles. 

It can be washed or dry cleaned with no negative effect. Sew-on tape comes in 25m rolls of either hook or loop in widths from 10mm to 150mm. 

Standard colours are Black and White with a host of other colours available to order. 

We are happy to supply most of our sew-on VELCRO® Brand tape by the metre, in 25m rolls or case quantities to suit your specific requirements. Perfectly compatible with VELCRO® Brand Self-adhesive Tape. Combine the two to attach fabric to hard surfaces. Ideal for fabric screens or sensory rooms.

VELCRO® Brand Flame Retardant Sew-on Tape

All flame retardant sew-on VELCRO® Brand tape comes with Certificates of Compliance on request, so you’re assured of the highest standards across the whole range.

We stock 20mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm flame retardant sew-on VELCRO® Brand tape in black, but also a choice of other colours and sizes is available upon request.