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Factory Organisation

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Make life easier and safer at work with the following products


Magnetic Document Pouches/Sleeves

With two magnetic strips on the back

Use on metal surfaces, such as warehouse shelves, perforated metal walls and metal containers

Available in a range of sizes.

Duraframe Products for displaying Factory and Safety Information

Duraframe Products for displaying Factory and Safety Information

Duraframe Information Holders for various surfaces. Available in all sizes with adhesive or non-adhesive back (for metal walls)

Available in coloured and striped frames for pointing out safety features.

For further information on the Duraframe range, please see our Duraframe Page.


Factory Floor Tapes

Duraline is the ultimate product in floor-marking tape and has R10 slip resistance according to DIN 5130

We also supply registered stick-on floor or wall safety markings as shown below

Adhesive Document Pouches/Sleeves

With two adhesive strips on the back

Use on surfaces, such as pallets, cartons and containers

Available in a range of sizes


Neodym Magnetic Document Sleeves

Strong adhesive force through two heat-seated Neodym strong magnets

Use on metallic surfaces, such as meshed containers, pipes and moveable transport containers

Flap above the label window protects documents against dust and moisture

Anti-glare plastic

Available in a range of sizes, prices from €3.93 per sleeve

Pallet Foot Sleeves

For identification of pallets

Attaches to pallet feet via hook and loop fastener

All four sides of the sleeve can be labelled

Thumb cut-out makes insertion and replacement of labels easy

One size, prices from €1.55 per sleeve


Pallet Hanging Pockets

For identification of pallets and cartons

Insert between stacked cartons or hang on individual pallets

Folding header hangs from the edge of a pallet

Re-use time and time again

Available in a range of sizes


Pockets with Binders

With arrow-shaped straps which fasten through the slot in the pocket

Ideal for permanent use in warehouses

Flap above the label window protects documents against dust and moisture

Securely fastens on moveable transport containers, such as meshed containers

Flap above the label window protects documents against dust and moisturMaterial: polypropylenee

Available in a range of sizes, prices from €1.62 per pocket


Pockets with Wire Straps

With galvanised, flexible wire for light and safe fixing

Use on transport containers, meshed containers, wooden support frames and pallet cartons

Flap above the label window protects documents against dust and moisture

Material: polypropylene


Self-adhesive pockets for storage or presentation of documents

Ideal for use on lever arch files, folders, ring binders and bulletin boards

For portrait and landscape use



Self-adhesive labelling window

Ideal for labelling filing trays, shelves, drawers, cabinets and technical appliances

200 mm long strips can be cut to desired length


Self-adhesive scanning strips for individual labelling

200 mm long strips can be cut to desired length

Open at the top and one side


Display Pockets

Display pockets with reinforced hole at the top of the pocket.

In portrait format, open at the top on the narrow side

Manufactured from extra-strong hardwearing polypropylen

Top opening with protective flap

Copy safe

Seal It

Transparent self-laminating cards for protection against creasing or soiling

For quickly laminating of documents

No laminator needed


Magnetic Pockets

Pocket with magnetic fixing for presenting A4 or A5 information

For portrait and landscape formats

Information is easily removed and replaced by 2 open sides

Transparent PVC protects documents

Can be securely mounted onto metal surfaces

Magnetic Strip

The self-adhesive strip adheres to many different surfaces and can be easily cut by scissors or knife

Flexible self-adhesive metal strip

Adheres securely to all flat and smooth surfaces

Can be cut to the required length

F5 m long, 35 mm wide, €24.59 per 5m roll


Click Sign

The sign inserts are easy to replace, simply lift and lower the transparent front panel

The signs can be securely fixed with screws or adhered in place

 A mounting kit and instructions are included with each sign


Vario comes in ranges suitable for use on walls, metal surfaces and tables

Made of powder-coated sheet steel, with SHERPA® display panels in or A4 format

Available in different colours


Sherpa® Infopanel

Ideal for displaying safety instructions and telephone numbers etc.

Made from antiglare polypropylene with red sturdy frame

With moveable positioning attachment (can be positioned portrait or landscape)

Sherpa® Infobase Telescope

Floor stand with crystal-clear information panel made of acrylic

Ideal for trade fairs, exhibition areas, showrooms and applications in hotels and restaurants

Telescopic rod and metal base with scratchproof powder coating

Adjustable angle of the display panel holder ensures optimal reading comfort

Height-adjustable (66 – 114 cm)

Adjustable reading angle +/-14°

Extremely stable base, price on request

Magnetic Pockets

Premium-quality signage made of powder-coated steel to be used as wall bracket, desktop or floor presenter in A4 and A3 formats.

The concave design provides an ergonomic reading angle.

DURAVIEW® can be transformed from portrait to landscape format in just a few steps.

TDURAVIEW® is ideal for the premium presentation of information in corporate buildings, hotels or restaurants

Price on request


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