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A self-gripping fastener where both hook and loop components are integrated into a single product. The hook and loop are extruded together without adhesive to form a back to back tape. 

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape uses a soft velour loop that is welded to a low-profile plastic hook. This creates a self-gripping strap that can be used for hundreds of applications. With high performance characteristics and high cycle life (can be opened and closed hundreds of times). 

Available to buy on 25 metre industrial length rolls in widths from 10mm to 50mm. 

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tapes come in a variety of different colours to make it easy to colour-code wires, cords, and cables for construction and networking projects. Available in different widths to handle thin wires and bulky cables. Custom cut to length for handling any bundling job or big project

Ideal for data centres and network cable projects. Match ONE-WRAP® Tape to the cable jacket to enhance fibre cable type identification and installation appearance. ONE-WRAP® Tape is a safe solution that will not damage, pinch fibres or introduce unwanted insertion loss. Re-usable to allow for network expansion or reorganization. 

Flame Retardant ONE-WRAP® Tape is available to meet safety regulations. Supplied with a Certificate of Compliance.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Ties

Made up of low-profile VELCRO® Brand hook and low-profile VELCRO® Brand velour loop bonded back to back making a very slim wrap-around fastener. 

They are incredibly versatile and easy to use. Available in various widths and lengths of tie and in a range of colours. Supplied in large reels with 100’s of ties or small packs. 

Our ONE-WRAP® tape and straps are the safe, reusable, adjustable alternative to plastic cable ties making it a more sustainable product for the environment. Great for computer, appliance, and electronics wire management and organization.


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For Prices, Orders or More Information Contact the Team at Mailcraft Supplies Today

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