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Double Sided (D/S) Tapes

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D/S Tape is manufactured by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a carrier. The carrier can be made from any number of materials such as tissue, polyethylene, PVC, foam etc. It is widely used in numerous industries for bonding, holding, mounting, splicing and packaging applications. The tape is then finished off by adding a protective removable liner which again can be paper, film, PVC etc.

D/S tape can be made paper thin or with a certain thickness by using a foam carrier. The carrier is coated with either rubber or acrylic adhesive or a modified version of these depending on the properties required.

We stock a range of D/S industrial adhesive tapes for many applications.

D/S Tissue Tape

D/S Tissue Tapes are available in flush (backing paper same width as tape) and finger-lift (backing paper wider than tape for easy removal). These come in many widths and lengths from 50m rolls for manual or gun application right up to the larger 500m rolls which we supply to companies with automated taping equipment. 

The tissue carrier for the adhesive is coated with either hot melt, resin or acrylic adhesive depending on the application. Widely used in the print and other industries, they can fulfil a range of applications while at the same time be easy to tear by hand or machine in order to apply. 

Standard widths are 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, etc.

We also supply desk mounted Cutters and application guns as shown

ATG Tapes

ATG Tapes are essentially tissue tapes supplied in a format that allows them be used in ATG Guns like those shown below. 

Stocked in a range of different widths such as 6mm, 12mm and 19mm. Different adhesive strengths available from high tak to low tak. 

We also supply the 3M range of Scotch ATG tape, Scotch 904, Scotch 924 & Scotch 969, as well as other brands.

Fast and simple to use, these guns apply adhesive precisely while removing the carrier paper for you.

D/S Tapes and Refills for Guns without Trigger Application or Threading

If you wish to apply d/s tape but haven’t found the ATG Gun suitable for use for whatever reason, then we can offer you the Super Roller. This come has the following advantages over traditional ATG Guns such as:

  1. Can hold tapes up to 75m in length. 

  2. No need to waste time threading the tape roll into a gun holding mechanism. Simply slot in the

    refill and you are ready to tape. 

  3. No trigger mechanism, just pull the gun along and the tape appears.

D/S Foam Tapes

Foam tape products come with various adhesive types and backing papers. The foam allows great conformability when bonding or assembling irregular or uneven substrates. Our foams are generally closed cell polyethylene coated with high quality solvent acrylic pressure sensitive cross-linked adhesive. They provide excellent bonding properties for low surface tension substrates and have very good moisture and humidity resistance. Designed for permanent bonding, mounting and fixing applications. Used widely for applications in the sign industry and automotive aftercare market.

D/S Tapes with Filmic Liner

Our filmic tapes are high quality double sided polyester tapes with solvent acrylic adhesive that combine high initial tack and good shear properties. 

They are used a lot in signage for making banners, bonding plastics etc. Also used extensively in the manufacture of blinds. They are also suitable for mounting on ABS plastic plates in automotive industry, rubber and EPDM material and for fixing decorative trim (such as PVC profiles) in the craft and furniture industry, mounting battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices, mounting and bonding in the appliance industry.

D/S Tapes with Paper Liners

We also supply double-sided PVC Tape with yellow glassine paper liner. Such products are used for mounting metal nameplates and a host of other applications

VST Tapes

VST tapes are made from an acrylic polymer material combined to form one substance. Just like VHB tapes there is no carrier but instead a pure foam material that bonds to a variety of surfaces. 

These tapes are designed for applications where a permanent bond is needed. Used for outdoor signs, construction, furniture manufacturing, automotive products and aerospace applications. For low energy plastics, we advise on primers required if needed. 

VST tapes are viable alternatives to mechanical fixings and adhesives. They can be clear, white or grey in colour.

If you can’t see the product you need contact us as we have a wide range of tapes including Tesa 4965, 3M 9086, 3M 9087, 3M 9088 and equivalent products.


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