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Velcro shapes

VELCRO® Brand Coins

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VELCRO® Brand Self-Adhesive Coins

VELCRO® Brand Self-Adhesive Coins are die cut dots of hook or loop. 

Quick and easy to apply they are regularly used in the display and exhibition industry. Ideal for crafts, schools, packaging or point of sale. Perfect for hanging up posters, photos, calendars and other displays. 

The coins are available in a 13mm or 22mm diameter in Black or White. They are sold in separate 25m rolls of hook or loop. Each 25m roll contains 1500 13mm coins or 1000 22mm coins. 

Coins with standard PS14 adhesive are recommended for most applications. PS18 adhesive available for specialised uses.

VELCRO® Brand Easy Coins

VELCRO® Brand Easy Coins and Oval Lozenges are perfect for applications such as folders, cardboard boxes, promotional packaging. With allow profile they integrate into packaging adding a distinctive, reclosable feature to your products.
The highly innovative Easy Coins® are designed with an extremely thin closure so offer a low-profile alternative to the traditional VELCRO® Brand Coins. 

With an all-in-one design they are presented on the roll already mated giving perfect alignment when applied. As there is no need to match up separate hook and loop sides, they are easy to apply and ensure closure alignment. 

There are 2 easy coin types, an oval lozenge with dimensions 35mm x 12mm and a 15mm diameter easy coin. The adhesives used are PS-30 and PS-32.

If you are not sure about what best suits your needs, ask our expert team about your specific requirements. 

We provide free in-house testing for finding bonding solutions on difficult low energy plastics incorporating specialist primers where necessary. 

Also feel free to ask us to send you free sample pieces for test purposes if this is more convenient. 

For more information please give us a call on 042 9756696 or contact us here and we will provide you with an obligation free quote.


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For Prices, Orders or More Information Contact the Team at Mailcraft Supplies Today

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