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Double Sided Adhesive Discs

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Double Sided Adhesive Discs/Tabs/Seals

Double-sided adhesive tabs supplied in a range of diameters and thicknesses. They are available wafer-like with no thickness or as foam tabs. They are also produced in pure acrylate foam for high end bonding. Can be supplied as peelable or permanent grades or permanent on one side and peelable on the other. Items can be fixed in place by peeling off the roll and the top backing strip can be left on until the item is ready to be fixed.

Thin Transparent Discs

Available with either tissue or filmic carrier.
With strap or pull tab for easy application.
Permanent Both Sides
10mm – 75mm
Permanent Both Sides
10mm – 30mm
Peelable Both Sides
10mm – 30mm
10mm – 30mm

Foam Adhesive Discs & Pads

Double sided permanent PE foam discs.
Available with or without strap.
Diameters 10mm – 50mm.
Double-sided foam Pads available in a range of shapes and sizes.
Easy and quick way to attach for a strong permanent bond.
Ideal on uneven surfaces or for a raised effect.

Pure Acrylate Adhesive discs

These double-sided discs are made of acrylic foam for a strong permanent bond.
Highly transparent.
Diameters 10mm – 30mm.
Flexible high-performance solution for quick and easy fixing

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