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16mm x 4.5mm rare earth round countersunk pot magnets.

38SH magnetic discs with 4kg force

  • Super strong Neodymium rare earth magnets offer a high magnetic force on small areas.
  • Countersunk pot magnets have a central hole with a counter bore.
  • For use where magnets are to be securely screwed to the wall / ceiling using a countersunk screw.
  • Pot magnets are strong neodymium magnets encased in a steel shell with only one side of the magnet visible.
  • The steel casing concentrates the magnetic force in one direction resulting in a stronger magnet.
  • Pot magnets are more durable due to the steel surround. The protective steel pot prevents the installed magnet from getting dirty or damaged, increasing the service life of the magnet.
Material: Steel carcass with NdFeB neodymium magnet
Shape: Disc
Diameter: 16 mm
Height: 4.5 mm
Tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm
Coating: Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation: 38SH
Strength: approx. 4kg
Max. working temperature: ca. 80 C


  • Keep neodymium magnets away from all children. Neodymium magnets are not toys. Do not allow children to handle or play with them. Small magnets can pose a serious choking hazard. If magnets are swallowed, they can cause serious injuries.
  • Keep neodymium magnets away from anyone with a pacemaker.
  • Neodymium magnets can jump together, pinch the skin and cause serious injuries.

Neodymium Pot Magnets Countersunk 16mm.

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