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Stick on VELCRO® ALFATEX® Brand Coins or Dots with adhesive backing.

13mm Diameter Coins - Roll of 200 dots.

21mm Diameter Coins - Roll of 200 dots.

  • Designed as an economy velcro coins for low cycle use.
  • Alfatex® Brand Coins are supplied in separate Hook or Loop rolls. So if you need both sides a set of two rolls is required.
  • Extremely convenient. No scissors required. Just peel and stick.
  • Perfect for image boards, display boards and PECS boards.
  • Ideal for Schools, ASD Units and Autism classes.
  • Available in 13mm & 21mm diameter coins in Black or White for next day delivery in Ireland.
  • This general purpose adhesive is suitable for the majority of applications.
  • It will stick to most standard substrates.
  • Not suitable for PVC, Vinyl and anything containing plasticizers.
  • Temp Resistance -15C to +90C.

Stick on VELCRO® ALFATEX® Brand​ Coins, 200 pack. Dots for Schools

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  • Ex VAT Price - €5.77

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